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Outpatient Treatment
for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Impact Counseling Services provides alcohol and substance abuse counseling for individuals, couples, families and adolescents. We utilize a group modality, which emphasizes peer support, as well as individual counseling.

Our first priority is to provide services in a compassionate and professional manner, taking full advantage of the resources available to us. By combining programs that stress preventive measures against substance abuse along with treatment for those already diagnosed, we provide the most effective treatment available to anyone. Our holistic approach treats both the individual and the families affected by the disease of substance abuse. This includes, but is not limited to, providing substance abuse management, case management, psychiatric services, and medication management. It also includes performing evaluations that will be used in the judicial process and by social service agencies.

Impact Counseling Services will not discriminate on basis of race, creed, gender, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.



Day/Evening Counseling
Group and Individual Counseling
Family & Couple Counseling
Court Mandated Assessments
Relapse Prevention Programs
Early Intervention Programs
Parenting Programs
Psychiatric Evaluations
Medical Assessments
Drinking and Driving Assessments

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